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Tired Of Jumping
From Diet To Diet?
No One Size Fits All,
Listen to Your Gut.

We use the best science and technology

to give you specific food recommendations based on your gut microbiome.

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Food should make you feel good.

But no diet fits all. What we eat affects us all differently, depending on many factors. Including the bacteria in our gut.

Get to know your microbiome.

There are around 100 trillion bacteria in our gut. More than 1,000 different species! Some are considered good, and some are considered bad. Everything you eat affects the amount, ratio and balance between those "good" and "bad" bacteria. The research tells us that a balanced and healthy microbiome is strongly associated with our overall health and wellness.

Read The Science
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How it works.

You’ve Heard About The Human Genome Project

The same technology that powered that milestone can be used to decode the bacteria in your gut. We analyze your microbiome with our proprietary algorithms to identify specific foods that can improve the balance and overall well-being of your microbiome. You may also learn what foods you may be sensitive to. The results help you choose food that makes you feel good.

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  • Order your kit for $199 and we'll ship it to your home.
  • Once we get it back, we sequence the bacteria in your gut.
  • We run the data through our proprietary algorithms, and give you a personalized report with specific recommendations.
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Suggestions Based
On Your Microbiome &

What You Like to Eat.


We have over 180 food ingredients in our database, from which we give you personalized recommendations.

Be Part Of Our Research

By taking this test you are becoming part of the community dedicated to learn together.

Secure And Private

The samples are processed in the lab that operates on the CLIA and GLP environment.


Our algorithms take into account over 1,000 scientific papers and studies.

We Are a Proud Collaborator with the Harvard Personal Genome Project (PGP)

Are you ready to start exploring your microbiome and begin improving your diet?

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